Three Alternatives To A Plain Black Tie

When you're buying a selection of handmade ties so that you have several options in your closet each time you need to get dressed up, you might be thinking about getting a black tie. Owning a tie in this hue can be advantageous when you attend events, such as funerals, and you may also match it with a dark suit for other occasions. For some men, a black tie can simply look too plain, however. If you're of this mindset, you may wish to look at some black ties that offer a little more visual appeal. Here are some options that you'll likely find.

Thin Stripes

Instead of getting a plain black tie, consider getting one that has a series of thin stripes. The tie will still have a black appearance, but the presence of the stripes will break up the black a bit and make the tie look unique. You'll find black ties that have thin stripes in white, gray, and other colors so you can decide what style will suit you best. There are black ties with stripes that are all the same width, while others may feature a pattern that includes different widths of stripes.


If you like the idea of a black tie without any stripes or other markings but you're looking for something that doesn't look so plain, a tie that has some degree of texture may be a good option for you. Whereas some black ties are smooth to the touch, others have a texture that you can see and feel. For example, when you run your fingers over the surface of the tie, it might be apparent that it has a series of bumps, lines, or even zig-zags in the fabric. This design can give your black tie a stylish look.


Some black ties have a small, single crest on them, and this can be another option for you to think about if you don't want your tie to look so plain. For example, many tie companies will place their logo crest toward the bottom point of the tie. It won't be visible when you're wearing your suit jacket buttoned up, but it will be apparent when you unbutton or remove your jacket. These crests typically feature a few different colors, which can be a good way to add a splash of color to a tie that is otherwise all black.

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