Qualities And Features To Look For In Colorful Golf Shorts

If you love golf shorts, then the moment you come upon a pair in a color you like, you might be tempted to buy them. But not all golf shorts are the same, and color is only one quality to consider. Here are some other qualities and features to look for in colorful men's golf shorts. A pair of shorts with these qualities are more likely to be comfortable and enjoyable to wear, both on and off the golf course.

Material With Ample Stretch

One hallmark quality of golf shorts is that they are stretchy so you can move around in them easily. But not all golf shorts have the same level of stretch. Some are made with 2-way stretch fabric, and others are made with 4-way stretch fabric. Some stretch a little, and others stretch a lot. Try the colorful shorts on, and try doing a few squats in them. Few body motions require your shorts to stretch more than a squat. If the shorts are comfortable to squat in, then they will likely be comfortable enough to do almost anything else in.


Days out on the golf course can get hot. If your shorts breathe well, you will be a lot less comfortable, and you won't have as much sweat accumulating on your skin. Look over the golf shorts for any areas where you see perforated fabric, some mesh, or other features that allow the shorts to breathe. If the manufacturer advertises the shorts are breathable, that often means the primary fabric they are made from is designed to let air through, which is also very good to see.

Secure Fasteners

Whether you're playing golf or gardening in your shorts, you certainly do not want them to come undone! So, check the type of fastener that the shorts have in the front. Snaps tend to be weak and can pop open if you bend over in the wrong way. Buttons are more secure. Metal bracket fasteners tend to be the most secure. Check the quality of the zipper, too. Zippers made from metal, such as steel, tend to be stronger and more secure than those made from plastic.

If you find colorful golf shorts that call to you, check for the features above before you buy them. Shorts with secure fasteners, breathable material, and plenty of stretch will be more comfortable and enjoyable to wear on the golf course and out on the town.

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